AssertionError: assert condition, error_message, python


AssertionError is an exception raised when an assert statement fails in Python. It is a built-in exception, which means that it is raised whenever the assert statement fails, regardless of the type of condition used.

Reason of error

The AssertionError is raised when the condition of the assert statement is false. This could be due to the code having an incorrect value or logic, or due to a bug in the code.

Example code

x = 10
assert x > 5, "x must be greater than 5"

if x < 5:
raise AssertionError("x must be greater than 5")

Solution to solve issue

In order to solve the issue, the code should be checked for any logic or value errors and any bugs should be fixed. Additionally, assert statements should be used judiciously, to ensure that the code is functioning as expected.