DeprecationWarning: use of deprecated function or module, python


DeprecationWarning is an alert triggered by Python when a deprecated function or module is used in a program. This warning informs the user that the function or module is obsolete and should be replaced.

Reason of error

DeprecationWarning are triggered when a deprecated function or module is used because it’s no longer supported and may not be maintained in the future. This warning is raised to inform the user that they should replace the deprecated code with a newer version.

Example code

For example, if you use the deprecated urllib.urlopen() function, you will see the following warning: DeprecationWarning: urllib.urlopen() is deprecated, use urllib.request.urlopen() instead.

Solution to solve issue

To solve this issue, you must replace the deprecated function or module with the newer version. In the example given, you should replace urllib.urlopen() with urllib.request.urlopen(). Doing this will prevent the DeprecationWarning from appearing.