Google Translate Gets a Boost with AI-Powered Contextual Translation

Google Translate is undergoing a significant improvement, which was unveiled during the company’s Live from Paris event. The translation platform will now incorporate context, which is considered the most critical translation metric. With the help of AI technology, Google Translate will provide “contextual translation options” along with examples in the target language. For instance, the AI will be able to differentiate between ordering a bass (the fish) or ordering a bass (the musical instrument). The service will display sample sentences for each meaning.

The improvement will not only enhance accuracy but also include the use of local idioms, appropriate words, and the right phrases depending on the user’s intent. This way, the translated sentences will sound like they were spoken by a native speaker.

The upgrade will soon be available on both mobile and browser versions of Google Translate. At its launch, only five languages – English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish – will be supported. Some reports suggest that more languages will be added in the coming months, but Google has not confirmed this as yet.