IndentationError: unexpected indent, python

IndentationError: unexpected indent is a common error in Python that occurs when the interpreter encounters an unexpected indentation level in a code block.

Reason of error:

The error occurs when the indentation of a line does not match the indentation of the surrounding code block. This can happen if the indentation is inconsistent or if the wrong type of whitespace is used.

Example code:

The following code snippet will raise an IndentationError: unexpected indent:

def print_numbers():
    for i in range(10):

Solution to solve issue:

To fix the error, check the indentation of the problematic line and make sure it matches the indentation level of the surrounding code block. Use consistent indentation throughout the code, either by using spaces or tabs (but not both).

Consider using an IDE or text editor with automatic indentation to help ensure consistency. Be careful when copying and pasting code from external sources, as the indentation may not match the indentation style of the current file.