MemoryError: out of memory, python


MemoryError is an error raised when Python program run out of memory. It occurs when the memory required to execute a program exceeds the amount available in the system.

Reason of error

MemoryError is caused by insufficient memory, buggy code, or data structure that is too big to fit in memory. It may also occur if the memory is fragmented, meaning there is not enough space for the program to run.

Example code

Below is an example of code that may cause a MemoryError in Python:

list = [] for i in range(100000000):

Solution to solve issue

The best way to solve a MemoryError is to optimize the code, such as reducing the size of data structures or using more efficient algorithms. It is also important to ensure that the system has enough memory for the program to run. Additionally, increasing the amount of RAM available may help to reduce the occurrence of MemoryError.