StopIteration: iteration ended before completion, python


StopIteration is an error raised by the Python interpreter when an iterator has no more values to return. It is an indication that the loop has come to its end and should be terminated. This error is mostly encountered when using for-loops or while-loops.

Reason of error

The StopIteration error is raised when an iterable object (e.g. list, tuple, dictionary) has no more items to iterate over. This occurs when the loop has gone through all the items in the iterable object. This can also be caused by an infinite loop that runs until a certain condition is met.

Example code

# example code
my_list = [1,2,3] for item in my_list:

This code will raise a StopIteration error

my_list = [] for item in my_list:

Solution to solve issue

To fix the error, catch the StopIteration exception and handle it appropriately. In a loop, use a for loop instead of a while loop to automatically handle the StopIteration exception.

Alternatively, use a try-except block to catch the StopIteration exception and gracefully exit the loop or function. Consider using built-in functions like list() or set() to convert the iterator to a list or set, respectively, if the full sequence of items is needed.