Debugging Javascript Code


Debugging is a process of finding and fixing errors in a program or code. Javascript is a programming language used to create dynamic web pages and applications. Debugging Javascript code can be helpful to identify and remove errors from code.

Reason of Error

Typing errors, incorrect syntax, wrong variable name and data type, incorrect logic, incompatible versions, etc. are some of the most common reasons for errors in Javascript.

Example Code

For example, the following code has an error due to an incorrect variable name:
var a = 12;
var b = 3;
var result = a x b;

Solution to Solve Issue

To solve such issues, firstly, identify the source of the error. Then, correct the syntax or logic and make the necessary changes in the code. In the example code, the variable name “x” should be replaced with the appropriate operator, such as “+”, “-“, or “*”. Finally, test the code again to ensure that the issue has been solved.