Quiz : English Adjectives quiz

English Adjectives quiz
Total Question : 5

Adjectives describe or give information about nouns. English adjectives quiz multiple choice to test your Intermediate level.

Rules :

The good news is that the form of adjectives does not change; it does not matter if the noun being modified is male or female, singular or plural, subject or object. Some adjectives give us factual information about the noun-age, size colour etc . Some adjectives show what somebody thinks about something or somebody-nice, horrid, beautiful etc (opinion adjectives-not everyone may agree).

  1. Yesterday she heard ________________news. (to surprise)

  2. The ______________ tools must be returned by five o'clock. (to rent)

  3. The ______________ rabbit stayed perfectly still. (to frighten)

  4. We had a ________________ experience. (to frighten)

  5. The play is ________________. (to entertain)

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